Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kaza Valley- An Exotic Place for Nature Lover

Pic. credit: Simon
Kaza valley an exotic place for nature lover, a playground in the backyard of Himalaya. Kaza is situated in Spiti valley and is headquarter of Spiti Valley. Kaza valley is situated along the bank of Spiti river at hight of 3,800 meter from sea level. Kaza will give you same feeling as you will get in Laddkah. Kaza valley is a cold desert and having Buddhist culture.

Kaza Valley is also famous for Sakya Tangyud Monastery, one of the oldest monastery in Asia. Places you can see here are Komik Village, a small village situated at hight of 4275 meter from sea level, Kye Monastery and Kibber village. Entire valley is full of charm and wherever you move eyes you will see amazing scenery.

Pic. credit: Rahul N
Kaza Valley is surrounded by desert mountains and perfect place for trekking. Kaza is full of peace and attracts thousands of nature lover, trekker, bikers and roadies every year.

Pic. credit:Team-BHP
You can reach Kaza valley from Kullu-Manali, from Kullu-Manali it will take 10-12 hours. Seacond way is from Shimla via Rekong Pio, it will take around 24-26 hours to reach. You can hire Taxi, Jeeps from Manali and Shimla. Best time to visit Kaza valley is from April to June. In winter due to heavy snow fall Kaza cut down from the rest of world.