Thursday, December 23, 2010

Shikhari Devi Temple in Janjehli Valley

Pic Credit: Munish Chandel
Shikari Devi Temple is situated in Janjehli valley. Janjehli is a samll village in Mandi District and is famous for Shikahri Devi temple. From Mandi District Janjehli is at a distance of 80 km. Janjehli valley is full of fruit orchards and in winter season you can enjoy the snowfall. Entire valley get covered by snow in winter.

Shikhari Devi temple is situated in the apex of hill and is at height of 3300 meter from sea level. From the Janjehli valley Shikhari Devi is at a distance of 12 km. Shikhari Devi Temple is a roof less temple. Shikhari Devi temple was build at the time of Pandva's. Other route to reach Janjehli valley is via Karsog valley which is also in Mandi. From Chindi which is Karsog valley, Shikhari Devi is at distance of 18 km.

Shikhari Devi is also a wild life century and is full of herbals and flowers. You can see beautiful wild flowers in between the way. A deep dense pine trees forest and heap of unmelted snow make track more beautiful.

You can reach Shikahri Devi by road transportation. From Delhi, Chandigarh ISBT you can take bus to Mandi and from Mandi you can hire taxi or take bus to Janjehli Valley.

Best time to visit Shikhari Devi temple is in summer season. April to June is best time to visit the Shikhari Devi Temple.