Sunday, August 15, 2010

Manimahesh Yatra in Chamba Valley

The land of Himachal is full of Temples and sacred holy places and known as Dev Bhoomi Himachal.Temples from the time of Ramayana and Mahabharata, Holy lakes, snow covered mountains attracts the lots of tourists and pilgrims. All these places are situated in the peak of the snow covered mountains and are not easy to reach. Even though all these obstacles or hurdles can't stop the devotee, pilgrims and nature lover.

Manimahesh Yatra is one of them and attracts lakhs of piligrms every year. Manimahesh Kalish is believe to be abode of lord Shiva, in the base of Manimahesh mountains there is Manimahesh Lake. Manimahesh Lake is believe to be lake of Lord Shiva and more than lakhs of pilgrims take bath in Manimahesh Lake every year.

Manimahesh Yatra starts from Lakshminarayan Temple in Chamba and ends at the Manimahesh Lake. Manimahesh Lake is situated at the altitude of 4,080 meter from sea level and covered with show covered mountains of Himalaya. Manimahesh Lake is in Chamba Valley, which is one of the district of Himachal. Bharmour is the nearest place to Manimahesh. Bharmour is small town in Chamba valley, Manimahesh lake is at a distance of 35km from Bharmour.

Manimahesh Yatra means journey starts at the month of August-September, around the time of Krishna Janamastmi, which is the Birthday of Lord Krishna. All the arrangement for Manimahesh Yatra has done by Himachal Govt and Tourism Department of Himachal. Himachal Pradesh Government has declared the Manimahesh Yatra a state-level pilgrimage.

You can reach here by Railway and Road Transport, nearest railway station is at Pathankot. From Pathankot to Bharmour its around 6 hour journey. Also you can take Himachal Road Transportation Buses from Delhi, Chandigarh to Chamba.


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