Thursday, July 21, 2011

Narkanda Valley- Beauty Beyond Imagination

Narkanda is one of the those place which are surrounded by dense pine forest and Himalaya. Narkanda is at distance of 63 km form Shimla and situated at hight of 2703 meters fom sea level. Narkanda is on the Hindustan Tibet Road and at mid distance between Shimla and Rohru.

If you are planning to visit Shimla don't miss to visit Narkanda, and if your are nature lover, you will like this place more than Shimla. Lots of construction and population reduce the beauty of Shimla. It's better to visit the Mashobra, Kufri, Naldera and Narkanda if you are planning to visit Shimla.

Pic.Credit:Team BHP

Center of Attraction at Narkanda Valley

Hatu Peak
Hatu Peak is main centre of attraction in Narkanda Valley, named after Hatu Mata whose ancient temple is situated at top of hills. Hattu peak is located at altitude of 3,330 meter and offer the panoramic view of dense pine forests, you can see a wide range of Himalaya forests from Hattu peak.

Places to Visits near Narkanda Valley

Kotgarh valley
Kotgarh is Apple heartland of Himachal and had lagre no. of Apple gardens. Kotgarh is famous of its delecious Apple and orchards, which exported all over the world. Kotgarh is at distance of 82 Km from Shimla.

Mode of Transportation

You can reach the Narkanda by all modes of transportation. By Road you can take bus from ISBT Delhi or Chandigarh to Shimla. From Shimla you can take HRTC bus or hire Jeep to Narkenda.

By Train nearest raliway station is Kalka which is at a distance of 60km form Shimla. You can take train from Kala to Shimla but it's toy train and run at slow speed. But you will enjoy the tunnels and beauty of hills in Shimla Kalka toy train.

By Air nearest aitrport is at Bhuter which is few km away from Shimla

You can visit the Narkanda through out the year. January to June is best time to visit the Narkanda Valley.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Trip To Mashobra Valley

Want to visit a place where you can see the clouds slowy roll up to the mountain or want to hear the wind whistle through the pine forest. If your answer is yes, then Mashobra valley is best place to touch this feeling.

Mashobra valley is fully covered with deep dense oak and pine forest, a valley full of peace. If you want to see and feel the beauty of nature, spend some time here. And if you are planning to visit Shimla don't miss to visit this beautiful valley.

Pic Credit: Siddhadreams

Mashobra is small towm near to Shimla. Mashobra situated on the Shimla Naldera road and is distance of 14 Km form Shimla. Mashobra is situated at altitude of 2148 meter from sea level. Mashobra is a well known picnic spot and good place for those who want to spend some time in between nature.

The well known Craignano Resort and Wildflower Hall is nearby the Mashobra.

Pic Credit: Ram Thakur

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kaza Valley- An Exotic Place for Nature Lover

Pic. credit: Simon
Kaza valley an exotic place for nature lover, a playground in the backyard of Himalaya. Kaza is situated in Spiti valley and is headquarter of Spiti Valley. Kaza valley is situated along the bank of Spiti river at hight of 3,800 meter from sea level. Kaza will give you same feeling as you will get in Laddkah. Kaza valley is a cold desert and having Buddhist culture.

Kaza Valley is also famous for Sakya Tangyud Monastery, one of the oldest monastery in Asia. Places you can see here are Komik Village, a small village situated at hight of 4275 meter from sea level, Kye Monastery and Kibber village. Entire valley is full of charm and wherever you move eyes you will see amazing scenery.

Pic. credit: Rahul N
Kaza Valley is surrounded by desert mountains and perfect place for trekking. Kaza is full of peace and attracts thousands of nature lover, trekker, bikers and roadies every year.

Pic. credit:Team-BHP
You can reach Kaza valley from Kullu-Manali, from Kullu-Manali it will take 10-12 hours. Seacond way is from Shimla via Rekong Pio, it will take around 24-26 hours to reach. You can hire Taxi, Jeeps from Manali and Shimla. Best time to visit Kaza valley is from April to June. In winter due to heavy snow fall Kaza cut down from the rest of world.