Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Trip To Mashobra Valley

Want to visit a place where you can see the clouds slowy roll up to the mountain or want to hear the wind whistle through the pine forest. If your answer is yes, then Mashobra valley is best place to touch this feeling.

Mashobra valley is fully covered with deep dense oak and pine forest, a valley full of peace. If you want to see and feel the beauty of nature, spend some time here. And if you are planning to visit Shimla don't miss to visit this beautiful valley.

Pic Credit: Siddhadreams

Mashobra is small towm near to Shimla. Mashobra situated on the Shimla Naldera road and is distance of 14 Km form Shimla. Mashobra is situated at altitude of 2148 meter from sea level. Mashobra is a well known picnic spot and good place for those who want to spend some time in between nature.

The well known Craignano Resort and Wildflower Hall is nearby the Mashobra.

Pic Credit: Ram Thakur