Sunday, April 4, 2010

"Sangla Valley" Paradise of Nature lover.

Sangla valley is situated at height of 8900 feet from the sea level and is named after the beautiful village Sangla.The sangla valley is in Kinnaur district and is 227 km from the Shimla.Sangla valley begins with 57 km short of kalpa.Sangla valley is situated in right bank of baspa river 17 km from karcham.Sangla is one of the most beautiful valley in Himachal Pradesh.The entire valley is covered with the show peaks of Himalaya.This valley is also known as Baspa valley.

You can reach here by any mode of transportation. From Delhi you can take the bus to Shimla and from shimla to kalpa you can take buses or can hire taxies.By air nearest airport is Bhunter airport which is few km away from Shimla and from Kalka you can get train to Shimla.

Sangla valley is famous from its natural beauty and traditional culture. In Sangla valley you can find the Chilgoza Pine.Chilgoza is well known for its edible seeds, rich in carbohydrates and proteins.Besides chilgoza sangla valley is famous for its hand made woolen shawls and kinnauri caps.You can also visit the Chitkul village which is the last Indian village in the Indo-Tibetan Border.Chitkul village is 28 km away from the sangla valley.

The best time to visit the valley is from April to June and you stay there at the Banjara camp located in Basteri Village,PWD rest house or Forest rest house.


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